Repair/Re-installation of CSPR 12 not removing Offload Scanning Agent

The Offload Scanning Agent got inadvertently rolled out to our physical desktops/laptops. When we have subsequently tried to push out a re-configured install via PMC or via an exported MSI it is not uninstalling the Offload Scanning Agent even though the 'uninstall conflicting products' box is ticked.


This is causing a number of machines to not check in correctly for AV/Software updates until the agent is manuall uninstalled.


Is there a way to get it uninstalled using Powershell/Group Policy?

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  • StuartLuscombeStuartLuscombe Posts: 2
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    After much searching about on this topic I have found that running the following powershell code via a remote PSSession and then rebooting the machine solves the problem.

    start-process -FilePath "C:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\Uninstall\fsuninst.exe" -argumentlist '/UninstRegKey:"F-Secure Offload Scanning Agent" -a' -Wait


  • Hi,


    The best way is remove F-Secure from the machine and reinstall without Offload Scan.

    Use Uninstall Tool to remove and after the reboot, reinstall F-Secure without offload module.


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    Roberto Chu

  • VadVad Posts: 1,050 F-Secure Employee

    Hello StuartLusombe,


    This is a known problem, which unfortunately is not fixed yet in latest versions. If you mistakenly select OSA module for installation, the only workaround is to uninstall the product, and then install it again without that module.


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