Generate passwords longer than 32 characters

Using other password managers I have been able to generate some pretty long password strings. Although KEY will import my longer passwords, it won't let me generate anything longer than 32 characters. Why is this?


What's the best way to work around this limit?


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    Hi Akunin,


    The maximum limit of characters in Key for password generation is 32; that's why you can't move further during password generation.

  • AkuninAkunin Posts: 3
    Yes, I understand that is the maximum. My question was a bit different though.

    Why does F-Secure limit password generation in KEY to 32 characters?

    I am thinking of moving to this product, but I have never seen such a limitation on other password managers. Most of my passwords are much larger than 32 characters.
  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi Akunin,


    We limited the length to 32 because there needs to be some limitation for the length. So, the max length is at 32. And no, the maximum length cannot be changed.


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    OK. Popular cracking tools like hashcat have been working on passwords up to 55 characters in length for years now. If the script kiddies can do that with open source tools and some spare GPUs today, just think what sort of resources a bigger player could use.


    Most of your competitors allow for much longer passwords in their generators.


    Dashlane = 28

    LastPass = 100

    Password Safe = 1024

    KeePass = 30000

    The answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything = 42


    Would you ever consider increasing this maximum length for the password generator?


    Also, the password field seems to be limited to 256 characters.  Although that's a rediculious sized password, if I tried to import a password larger than that would it be truncated?

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