Key updates - Update demanded every time I open the program.

The latest F-Secure Key update is driving me bonkers.  I've updated twice and I still keep getting a message that there's a new update.  I have installed it!  Twice.  Why does it...
This was cut and pasted from a previous forum thread. It describes my problem exactly. It also illustrates that it is a known problem and that I have sought help via the Forum Search.
It does not inspire confidence in a program to which a great deal of sensitive information is entrusted.
Please - why is the system not completing the update as it has done previously?  I have made no setting changes to the Windows 10 pc.
Date 07/06/16 Time 18:59 (UK Brit Summer Time)
Version 4.3.108
Last synchronisation 2016-06-07    18:58:15
Please Advise.


  • Thanks for the response. What you say makes sense, I will give it a go and see what happens.


    I am still concerned that a program for which I have paid, and to which I am entrusting a significant amount of sensitive info, should be repeatedly shown to be buggy!




  • I have been busy, and have not had time to work on the PC since. This means that I have not tried the proposed solution. When I logged on to F-Secure Key today the update pop-up appeared, but this time the update went through completely and trouble free. No more nag screens!



  • zer0ring
    zer0ring Posts: 2

    Good to hear. FYI: latest version is v4.3.123, you can check yours in F-Secure Key > Help.

    Download latest version here:

  • Thanks zer0ring. It was the latest version that updated the other day. It is strange why I had troubles with one of the intervening versions. It is all in order now, so I will get on with life and not ponder it too much.

    Smiley Happy


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