Exchange2010 & Css FNP/SCIP error 10



We have on the Content Server Scanner this erro message in log file :


 F-Secure Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange Real-Time Scanner cannot connect to F-Secure Content Scanner Server on [defport: 18971] due to error FNP/SCIP error 10. Couldn't send the SCIP/FNP request to the server


We must restart f-secure services to resolve this message, if we don't do that we have many mails you are block by css !


For the moment the don't have respond from f-secure support Smiley Sad


Than you for your help !




  • HoudiniHoudini Posts: 10
    Do you have all hotfixes installed?
  • MarkovicMarkovic Posts: 6

    Yes the last hotfix is already installed (hotfix 4)

  • HoudiniHoudini Posts: 10

    Ok, the problem could be if css is somehow broken.
    Tomorrow we are releasing new css update, which will replace old one. Let's see if it'll help =)

  • MarkovicMarkovic Posts: 6

    I don't see the any hotfix or update !?



  • HoudiniHoudini Posts: 10

    Its is ready but stuck somewhere in release queue. I ll talk to release team.

  • MarkovicMarkovic Posts: 6

    No news for update !?


  • HoudiniHoudini Posts: 10

    It is released. Make sure that fsavsd.exe in  F-Secure/Content Scanner Server got version and check if problem persists.

  • MarkovicMarkovic Posts: 6

    The version is 7.50.130c and unfortunately the problem persist Smiley Sad

  • HoudiniHoudini Posts: 10

    Sad =(
    Then you must call support. We need fsdiag for proper investigation

  • MarkovicMarkovic Posts: 6
    it's already the case
    But not better :(


  • VadVad Posts: 1,070 F-Secure Employee

    Hello Markovic,


    We have ESS 12.00 coming soon. If you wish, you can try ESS 12.00 RC already now. It can be downloaded from the partner portal. But please note, that if you are using centralized management, you will need to upgrade your PM to 12.10 RC level as well.


    Best regards,


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