Key automatic sync not working in WIn 10

I have problem in my WIn 10 Key. It does not run sync automatically. In Android it is working fine. This has been some time but I did not realize what the problem was. I was somedays ago wondering why I do not see in Android mobile the latest changes done in Win PC. Now I checked in Win the Key Instrunction page that last sync was done many days ago. Then I pressed "sync now" but even that did not work immidiately.

I do not see any setting for adjusting sync interval. What is the problem here?




  • Timo_T
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    There is something more wrong in sync than just that Win atomati sync. I mede a change in Android mobile but that change does not come to WIN side even if the key shows that sync is done in both Win and Android.

  • Chameni
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    Hello Timo_T,


    Sorry to hear about your trouble! I have highlighted your post to our Support team for further looking into this issue. They will get back to you for further investigation.


    Thank you.

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