Key is UI Slow After Master Password

por Posts: 16

I know there's another thread about Key being slow, but I think the issue is different.


I have 368 passwords. Each time I open Key and type in the master password, Key synchronizes with the servers. During  the time the UI is extremely unresponsive. After 5-15 seconds things settle and Key becomes usable again. Same issue occurs on iOS, Mac OS X and Windows 7.


Suggestion: Make server sync happen asynchronously in the background while making sure the UI stays responsive.



  • Timo_T
    Timo_T Posts: 10

    I have also same kind of problem that Key is very slow in the beginning. It seems to do all kind of things , lot of disk accesses, lot of network accesses.

  • Timo_T
    Timo_T Posts: 10

    More data. Key seems to slow all the time. And also sync is not working (for that I opened another topic)

  • Chameni
    Chameni Posts: 235 F-Secure Employee


    Hello @Timo_T & @por ,


    We are sorry for the late reply regarding this issue, I will send a private message to both of you about this.


    Thank you.

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