can not enter new item

sbjsbj Posts: 2
Almost every time I login I get a message to create a restore code. This message blocks the possibility to enter a new item via the "+" icon. The only thing to do is to exit and try to login again and, again and again.... Why is there no menu item like "new "
In most cases I give up trying to create new passwords


  • ChameniChameni Posts: 235


    Hello sbj,


    Regards to this, could you please provide us the screenshot of the message in order for us to check further? And on what OS you have installed the F-Secure Key?


    Thank you.

  • sbjsbj Posts: 2

    The answer did not help!


    The in my phone is Android 4.0.3

    The message that blocks the possibility to enter a new item (in swedish):

    "För din egen säkerhet rekommenderar vi att du skapar en återställningskod för huvudlösenordet"

  • ChameniChameni Posts: 235

    Hi sbj,


    I will send you a private message related to this issue.


    Thank you.

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