Autodiscovered hosts from domain

I have a local network with hosts belonging to a Windows workgroup.

I have installed Policy Manager (version 12)  on a Windows Server 2012 R2 and want to push installation of Client Security to the hosts (Windows 7).

In Policy Manager Console I activate Autodiscover Windows hosts in tab "NT Domains".

First I get "Unknown, Unable to connect to registry on remote host." in the FSMA version column.

After I start the Remote registry service in the host,  I get "Unknown, Unable to read registry on remote host." 

I have Classic mode for "Network access: Sharing and security model for local accounts".

I even turned off the Windows Firewall in the host, but the installation do not work.


What should be in the FSMA version column?

Why do I have that error message?


Any ideas?




  • dandelion
    dandelion Posts: 31 Former F-Secure Employee



    in general, this column shows the version of FSMA (F-Secure Managrement Agent), if it is installed on the remote workstation. However, it uses the Windows Remote Registry, which may not be very reliable because of many reasons: user access rights, firewall blocking the requests, registry service stopped, etc. 


    In your case, I'd check first that the Windows user that runs the Policy Manager Console has the administrative rights on the remote workstation. 



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