PSB Workstation scanning email from exchange server

Hi, we have some users with an exchange server or Office365 using the MAPI protocol. how can we scan the emails for spam and malware in this case? thanks

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    There are, however, separate products that can manage spam and anti-malware for Exchange and O365 on the server side.


    F-Secure Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange for onpremises Exchange and Protection Service for Email for either on-premises email service or Office 365. It really makes more sense to do the email screening before the emails even get to the server. PSE also includes possibility for end-to-end email encryption.



  • VadVad Posts: 1,051 F-Secure Employee

    Hello StevenGE,


    Unfortunately, MAPI protocol is not supported by current versions of E-mail scanning and E-mail filtering. Malware in attachment will be detected when you try to open/save it.

    Scanning for spam is not possible at all for this protocol.


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  • StevenGEStevenGE Posts: 12
    Hi, thanks for your reply. is it in the pipleline for future versions? thanks
  • NickJNickJ Posts: 29
    I couldn't agree more, TKV. Relying on a product like PSB on the endpoint to protect users from malicious mails is far from ideal.

    A dedicated (preferably hosted) service that stops the mails reaching any part of your system is preferable by a long way.
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