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PSB portal change log



  • PetriKuikkaPetriKuikka Posts: 190


    a new feature for Citrix golden image is now enabled in all PSB portals. This requires the CP/SP version 20.1 or newer. At the moment the feature is only supported with the network installer EXE. Upcoming 20.2 version will add the support also for the MSI installer.

    Documentation on how to create the images and deploy new devices using it is published at:

    PSB Team.

  • ByteTeamByteTeam Posts: 19
    edited May 13

    Dear Community,

    a new feature is being enabled on all portals:

    Computer Protection for Mac profiles now supports different HTTP proxy options for downloading updates - clients can use HTTP proxy from the profile or from Mac's System Prefences or go directly to the updates server.

    PSB Team.

  • PetriKuikkaPetriKuikka Posts: 190
    edited May 29


    A new release 1.0.2138 is being rolled out to all portals with following changes:

    New Features/Improvements:

    • Home page is now nagging for Server Security 12.10 EOL in addition to Workstation Security 12.01 EOL for customers who still have devices with these versions.
    • New "portfolio" header is used in PSB portal UI and replace custom header that was used so far. This header provides links (in top right menu) to the other products (e.g. Partner Portal, PSB, RDR and the new Cloud Protection for Office 365) that the logged in admin has access to.


    • Improve the icons showing Rapid Detection and Response status on device list and details pages by aligning colors with other detection.

    Fixed Issues:

    • Fix Dashboard page layout for new account
    • Change Subscription, does not update the assigned profile
    • Fixed validation messages while creating a new administrator - "The email address is already in use" is not shown when an error occurs during validation itself.
    • Fixed problem where AD import is missing some content as some lines end with '...'. This was caused by Powershell cutting lines at 120 characters with default settings when using "Format-Table -A" option. So instructions on how to export the data were updated to not cause the problem.
    • Infections from new devices did not show up on Reports > Infections page during 12th - 20th of May. They were shown correctly on device details page, but not on the company and partner summaries. Also email forwarding was working normally. Now all data is showing up normally on Reports > Infections page.
    • SMS Activation for Freedome for Business has been removed from PSB portals.

    PSB Team.

    PS. There is an issue in AD tree drawing where in case you have organization units named like "TEST" and "TEST - beta", all organization units under TEST are actually shown under the "TEST - beta". We will roll an UI fix later this week for this problem.

  • PetriKuikkaPetriKuikka Posts: 190


    A new release 1.0.2143 is being rolled out to all portals with following changes:

    Fixed Issues:

    • Fixed issue in AD tree drawing where in case you have organization units named like "TEST" and "TEST - beta", all organization units under TEST are actually shown under the "TEST - beta".
    • Fixed link in the end of Workstation and Server Security EOL information page to point to new community article.

    PSB Team.

  • PetriKuikkaPetriKuikka Posts: 190


    following step for retiring the old back-end has been done now on all PSB portals

    On June 2, 2020, the following action will take place:

    • Server Security for Windows and Linux Security cannot be installed on new devices any more.
    • Workstation Security for Windows and Mac cannot be installed on new devices any more (this was blocked already on January 29, 2020).

    Note: The existing Workstation and Server Security installations will remain unaffected and will receive database updates until January 12, 2021

    For more information see

  • mnegaczmnegacz Posts: 3
    edited June 5

    Dear Community,

    A new release 1.0.2157 is being rolled out with the following changes:

    Fixed issues

    • Mobile devices' selector is aware of the "issue" filter.
    • Sorting for column "Automatic Updates" in Portal is fixed.
    • Profile import is fixed.

    PSB Team.

  • Dear Community

    A new release 1.0.2170 is being rolled out with the following changes:


    * New portal header might be disabled for selected accounts

  • SureshGSureshG Posts: 1

    Dear community,

    A new release 1.0.2214 is being rolled out with following changes:

    New features:

    • New Security Events beta shows all alerts in one central location.
    • Device label filter now supports wildcard as well as exact filtering.
    • Introduce new 'Remove permanently' operation for computers. Updated labels and messages for blacklisting and deleting computers.


    • Workstation Security and Server Security have reached their end of life. On September 1, 2020, all existing workstation and Server Security products will stop sending upstream status information to the PSB portal.

    Fixed issues:

    • Profile editor DataGuard tab shows extra red warning item.
    • Fixed software updates installation feature when all computers are selected.
    • Translation of "Get Management API key" in the fusion-header is corrected.
    • Added Security Events filter for Integrity checker events for Linux clients.
    • Fixed the reason in details section for Integrity checker events 
    • Show DNS-name based only on data from upstream
    • Fixing the layout for mass company move and company creation flows.


    PSB Team

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