Server 2008 R2. Internet Explorer Enhanced Security is blocking access to FSecure Web Console



I have found today that I am unable to get a connection to the FSecure Web Console on several of our servers.

The web console is configured to be accessible by browsing to on port 25023 which I believe is the standard setup.

I discovered this issue on one of our servers yesterday and have since found it on four of our other servers. These are all running Server 2008R2

23-03-16 09-16-01.png


I'm able to Ping our Policy Manager from this server. I have made sure that this address is in Trusted Sites on Internet Options. So I can't work out why I can't connect to the Web Console.


So far this seems to be happening on Servers running Windows Server 2008 R2. I've just checked a server which is on Server 2012 and it's fine.


Has anyone experienced this issue and can advise what I can do? Thanks


  • Vad
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    Hello Mike_B,


    If you do not want to disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration on your servers, you can use following workarounds:

    1. Install one more browser on affected server(s) (FF, Chrome);

    2. Connect to server WebUI from other host (you will need to configure access for that).


    Best regards,



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    This could be possibly related to the self-signed nature of the FSecure Web Console's HTTPS page? Last autumn there was a MS update that eliminated weak (512/1024 bit?) digital signature acceptance.


    On F-Secure's Webclub site you could find hotfixes made for that problem for the FSAV (E)SS 11.01 products. See here:


    Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.



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