Where will SENSE be manufactured?

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I was wondering where F-Secure plans to manufacture SENSE.


If SENSE will be manufactured in (or be assembled using hardware sourced from) China or other locations that have less-than-stellar history of respecting security and privacy, what steps will F-Secure take to ensure that these components are not compromised?




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    Hi DCE,


    SENSE will be manufactured in China, as is the majority of consumer electronics.

    The firmware in the SENSE router is developed by F-Secure (naturally using some 3rd party components). Unlike in most routers the SENSE firmware is digitally signed and automatically updated through our secure update channel.


    The SENSE apps are also developed by F-Secure and go through the same rigorous testing as our other SW products have been in the past 27+ years.

    Naturally the apps will be available in the app stores and will be approved by the respective app store approval processes and will be digitally signed.


    F-Secure has world-class cyber security experts who are qualified security assessors.

    Naturally they are working with the SENSE team and the SENSE product to make sure the security of SENSE will be much better than that of your current router today.

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    Thanks for the reply.


    I was hoping for "valmistettu Suomessa" (that Google translate so Idk, sorry!) but I guess globalization is what it is.


    Looking forward to my Sense so my fridge doesn't get hacked!  Smiley Happy

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