Not sure whether this is a F Secure Key problem or not!


I have set up password and username details in Key for a particular site.  The site wants me to have another layer of security by having a prompt and some memorable information.  When I try to enter this the confirm memorable information box already has data (in the form of ************) and I cannot complete the initial box to match it.  Is the pre-filled in data being added by F Secure Safe?  The web page hosts tell me that their system is functioning normally._


  • Chameni
    Chameni Posts: 235 F-Secure Employee


    Hello Mal100,


    Regards to this, could you please send us the screenshot from Site when it needs you to enter the password or prefilled with a password?Which browser you are trying to use to access the site? And to check if this is from F-Secure Key, you can try to disable the Autofill function under the Settings and try to login to the site you refered again.


    Please try and revert back if you need further asisstance.


    Thank you.

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