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I was just getting some help on the reason for the difference in price for KEY between the website (29.90euro) and the android app (half the price). I'm told this is because the website version lets me sync between desktop and mobile while the android app only syncs with other android devices.


I just wanted to confirm if this was true because when I click on the "purchase subscription" option on the android app it doesn't tell me that it can only sync with other copies of the android app. Infact it even shows a little sync picture that shows a smart phone, a tablet, and a PC.


Thanks, OtterNZ

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    Hi OtterNZ,


    There should be no difference of functionnalities between the 2 premium subscription (estore and Googleplay-store) for FS- KEy product. Once you have the premium subscription on one device, you can syncrhronize with all your other devices. 


    Note however that the length of the subscription might vary . eg. One month is avalilable only on app-stores.


    Our support agent might have been misunderstanding your request and thought it concerned Freedome which has a different subscription model.


  • OtterNZOtterNZ Posts: 4

    Thanks for the reply. So regardless of if I purchase via the website or the android app I could sync windows PC, surface pro 4, android phone all together?


    If so then why is purchasing via the website twice as expensive as purchasing via the android app if they both provide the same experience once purchased?


    Around a year ago I went with a competitors product (which doesn't work so well with windows 10 touch on the surface pro 4) so I'm looking at alternatives. A year ago I had written KEY off as an alternative due to the high price on the website, and I hadn't realised it could be purchased through the android app. The app pricing is more inline with the alternative products while the website is much higher.

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    Hi OtterNZ,


    There is no difference between the 2 subscriptions(apart for the aforementioned length) and you will be able to sync the same devices together. 

    The difference of pricing(even important) might occur when we are running campaigns on the various stores. 

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