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I'm interested in a solution for protect all my home devices connected, I'm spending some time to find the product that fulfills my needs, but I think it's an important choice, one of these seems to be F-Secure Sense, but i have a couple of question about this product:

1. The hardware gadget have dhcp reservation capabilities? For example now I have a NAS and an FTP server, this functionality would be very helpful for devices that need static IP.

2. There is a smart monitoring of the internal connections and internal traffic? I try to explain, if someone managed to get the control of one of the devices connected to the LAN, and from here the attacker start to "play" with my network, there is a control of the suspicious or anomalous traffic from one known device to another or outwards and a blocking/quarantine managing of the suspected devices?



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    Hello Evolun,


    1. You will be able to set static address on your devices.


    2. Connected devices that cannot have user-installed software will be protected on the network traffic level. That is, both incoming and outgoing network traffic to/from such device will be monitored by SENSE. 

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    Thank you Ben for replies.

    About first point is in prospective to implement the functionality? Reservation is more simple ed immediate to handle.

    About the second point, unfortunately the answer don't satisfy completely my question, I'll try to be more clear:

    if an ipotetic attacker is already in the LAN network, let's pretend that he is in the NAS  through a service vulnerability published by NAS and port forwarded out on public, now he from NAS can go everywhere in LAN first and out in WAN then.
    The question is: in this circumstances is Sense Router capable to notice suspect traffic (eg. from NAS)  in LAN and block it? There is not any outgoing traffic yet, only in LAN it was happened.

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    Here is further information that I hope will cover your concerns.

    Sense has multiple layers of protection against advanced attacks.


    On Windows we have behavior-based blocking of custom malware and zero-day attacks.

    This is an advanced end-point protection technology that may prevent such scenario.


    If there is a compromised device on your home network then we can prevent that device from accessing the attackers’ command & control center.

    This will greatly reduce the malicious capabilities of the compromised device. This is our anti-bot feature.


    If there is a compromised device that tries to infect other devices on your home network that’s called the lateral movement.

    Preventing lateral movement has been available mostly in enterprise-grade protection solutions only.

    We are planning to have the lateral movement prevention feature in a later release of Sense.

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    His is a nice answer, I really like what you are planning to do with your product and this shows how seriously you take the matter, the risks for the consumer with this type of products is to fall into a good marketing but with little substance due to the target which has, the average user. A product that is going to put in a context where home and business environment seen as we have seen them so far are going to change, the home environment is no longer technologically "simple", in a world where in short term will be about all things connected and the control of vulnerabilities is left to many, most of them still do not care either, certainly will require solutions that take very seriously security issue even for home users.


    Honestly I already did my Sense preorder few days ago, even without this reply I trusted your company who works in security for a long time, and I wanted to try, because right now there are not many ideas of this kind for the home users and I believe that with these assumptions I have to take the plunge and try out, other companies of similar solutions are principally startups, this not means that their products are worse or better, but for a new product of this kind where anyone don't say enough, perhaps to keep the secret of its technology, I trusted the experience and with this answer for now I already feel partly fulfilled for the bet I made.

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