Delay of F-Secure Sense Shipping to June

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Dear all,


given the unfortunate delay of Sense to June 2016 - would it not be a good idea to hand out software licenses for appropriate F-Secure Software products for free to cater for the gap?


Kind regards


(Sense early customer)


  • CyberDee
    CyberDee Posts: 3 New Member

    I agree with you,


    I contacted F-Secure chat support and asked if I could get a temporary 60 to 90 day license of F-Secure. It would not make sense to pay for a full year of their antivirus, since Sense is shipping in a couple of months. They replied with a license key to 90 days of protection for 3 devices. I wish they would have allowed me to use it on all my devices for those 90 days, and I could probably request that but I am happy with what they offered. 


    Some may say I can use a free solution in the mean time, but I do not trust free antivirus as much as I trust F-Secure. Contact F-Secure and they will give you free protection for a few computers in the meantime. It worked for me. 

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