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I installed F-Secure Key on my PC – everything works fine. I upgraded it to Premium and tried to sync it with my tablet: the entries are all there in the tablet now, but Key doesn’t work in the browsers etc. If I add new usernames and passwords, nothing happens either. On the PC app, one can tick “Choose autofill to automatically fill in user names and passwords stored in KEY to browsers…” How can this be done in the Android app?

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    Hi TabHelp,


    You can use the F-Secure Key keyboard in Android which allows you to enter the passwords using this keyboard. To enable this, go to Settings > Controls > Language and input > Keyboards and input methods > Select the F-Secure Key key board and set it as default.


  • In my Key Android, only the following items are listed under Settings: 
    - Create recovery code
    - Recover master password
    - Change master password

    Nothing else...


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    Hi TabHelp,


    The settings described above is of the Android device settings. Sorry for the confusion.

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