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I am experiencing some quite strange behaviour of Key since I have taken it into everyday use. Some background details first. I am running Key 4.2.104 with a premium subscription on a MacBook Air with OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. I am using Google Chrome web browser 48.0.2564.103.


All right, let's get started... Whenever I end up to any particular web page where I'd need to supply my login details, I'll click the Key icon on the right of the input field to see the list of all saved passwords in Key. I will then see the dropdown menu of passwords as expected but also Key application itself pops out from the background. Is this how it should really work? I could definitely understand this behaviour that the application will show up if it would be locked and no credentials can be provided so it would ask for a master password. However I have got mine unlocked but this keeps happening all the time. If I minimize the application by clicking the yellow button from the upper left corner of the bar, then it will not disturb anymore as long as it's minimized in the dock. 


Several times I have also noticed that the application will not show itself regardless of multiple clicks of the icon in dock when it was not minimized. I have to click twice (open and close the menu) the rounded Key icon in OS X status bar, then it will come up to the screen. I have found out also that the minimize keyboard shortcut (⌘+m) does not work in Key. Every time when I want to get rid of that strange and annoying behaviour is that I have to use the mouse and click that yellow button from the left corner of the application bar. I am really used to work with keyboard shortcuts as much as possible to speed up the working flow with any of the applications.


When I unminimize the application from the dock, it's all gray except input fields (passwords search field or master password field, depending is it locked or not). Not all the time but only sometimes. When it's unlocked and I move mouse over it all hovered single items in a password list get's back to normal but all the remanings will stay gray.


I really hope someone will look further with these issues. Thanks.


  • Ben
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    Hi Tjikon,


    This looks like the autofill function is causing some problem. We are working on providing browser extension to resolve this type of problem.

    Would you be interested in testing the new version when it is available(most likely in the coming weeks)?

  • tjikon
    tjikon Posts: 5 New Member
    Hello Ben!

    Thanks for the reply. Nice to hear that you are working on a solution for these issues. I am available and willing to test the new version. Please let me know how I can help when it's time for that.

    Best regards.
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