recommendations updating Policy Manager and Clients from 10 to 12 version

These are our products and versions:

Product name

Actual Version

New version

Anti-Virus for Windows Servers (Window Server 2008)



Client Security (Windows 7)



Policy Manager




Respect to the Policy Manager and Client Security:

We want to have that final versions, but I think that maybe there will be fewer errors if we update first to the v11 and then to v12. 

Is that true?


And the same with antivirus server security, we´re on v9 and we want to have v11, is it better if we update first to the v10 and then to v11?



I have a list of all the steps in to upgrade, when I finish it I´ll attach here.

Thank you, regards.







  • LTsmash
    LTsmash Posts: 16

    Nobody knows which option is best?

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello LTsmash,


    Our products usually support upgrade between supported products.


    So you should be able to upgrade Policy Manager and client security directly.


    However Anti-virus for Windows server is an very old product. It has been replaced by Server Security a few years back. I would therefore advise to remove the current installation and reinstall using the latest version to avoid problems. 

  • LTsmash
    LTsmash Posts: 16



    I´m going to try to update following these steps PLEASE CORRECT ME IF ITS NECESSARY OR IF IT COULD BE IN A BETTER WAY:


    1. First, create a full backup of Policy Manager data from the current working version:


    To backup the H2 Database in PM:

    - Stop F-Secure Policy Manager Server service (CMD: net stop fsms)

    - Backup the folder \Management Server 5\data\h2db directory

    - Re-start F-Secure Policy Manager Server service (CMD: net start fsms)


          2. Export access keys


         3. Run F-Secure Policy Manager setup v12 on the server where Policy Manager components are installed.


        4. Import backup (Is this mandatory? or only it´ll be only necessary in case of error?)


        5. Import access keys (Is this also mandatory?)


        6. Update proxy manager installed in clients and windows servers from Policy Manager downloading the “.jar” and click “Push install to Windows hosts” (in those Windows hosts Proxy Manager are already installed)



        7. Uninstall Anti-virus for Windows Servers in those windows hosts it is already installed. (due to my old version)



       8. Install “Anti-virus for Windows Servers” from Policy Manager downloading the “.jar” and click “Push install to Windows hosts” .



       9. Update “Client Security” from Policy Manager downloading the “.jar” and click “Push install to Windows hosts” (in those Windows hosts “Client Security” are already installed)


    Thank you so much, regards.

    I hope my steps help another people who wants to update.

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello LTsmash,


    Taking backup of the important data before the upgrade is indeed the correct approach.

    Step 4 and 5 should not be needed if the upgrade goes well.


    Concerning the clients, remember that upgrade on existing F-Secure clients should be done as policy-based installations rather than "push install".

    So simply import the .jar package and use the upgrade functionality in the installation tab.

    Policy based installation.PNG


    Finally our new products for servers are now called Server security and Email and Server security.


    Keep us updated on your progress.

  • Hi, we have a problem with the installation key code. Our code it for another version.


    I think we have to ask for another installation key code. Who do I have to ask the code?




  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Please contact your reseller or our sales so that an up-to-date licence certificate (including your latest key code) can be provided to you.

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