Add new license through policy manager

Hi Guys


For add new license on client security on all computers in network only I can do this with repair product?

Is there any easier way do this task?




  • Vad
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    Hello MohammadReza,


    Could you, please, provide more details about the scenario you are interested in?


    Do you want to switch from CS Standard to Premium version? Or you want to change evaluation license to full license? For this two scenarios only reinstall can help.


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  • Hello Vad


    Yes I want to change evaluation license to full license.

    I have throuble during reinstall. some computers are failed during reinstalltion. how can I restart this task just for failed hosts?


    F-Secure Renew License.png



  • Vad
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    Failed hosts can be identified, if you follow the link in Status column. Select them in the policy domain tree (you may move them to a specific sub-domain first for better visibility), and initiate the installation again.

  • In this case we have just 24 failed,, if we have more failed this way is very hard.

    I must move 24 host to a new policy domain, after this I have 12 failed and move 12 host to another new policy domain and again and,....

    This way isn't funny?

    I didn't see this way in any other antivirus.

    Please develop a new way for apply new license.

  • Vad
    Vad Posts: 1,089 F-Secure Employee

    Creation of new domain is not obligatory.  You can select hosts for reinstallaiton in existing domains.

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