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After I install or upgrade  F-Seecure Clent Security Premium 12.0, it updates and then gives error "Your computer is not protected". When I click on "Status" there it shows Virus&Spyware and Schedule scanning as Malfuntion and Software updater has a yellow sign. It works fine for few seconds when we restart the F-secure Management Agent Service adn again back to square one wih same errors.


Waht is the solution for this error(s)?

Is there any patch/update to fix this?


I have also posted screen shots. Kindly check it. Hope to get a solution for this soon.





Fsecure error 1.PNG


Fsecure error.PNG


  • Ben
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    Hello MohammedAli,


    As @MohammadReza mentioned, you most likely installed the offload scanning agent on your physical machines or forgot to set a SRS server to support this function. 


    This component is meant to be installed on virtual workstation and in use with SRS servers.


    Offload Scanning Agent can be installed in order to offload malware scanning and content reputation checking to a dedicated server running F-Secure Scanning and Reputation Server. This allows to minimize the performance impact to virtualization infrastructure.


    In order to solve this issue, you unfortunately need to uninstall and reinstall the impacted clients, without this component OSA.

  • Hi Reza,


    Appreciate your help!!! Your suggestion was helpful. The issues is fixed now.


    Thank you

  • Dear Mohammed Reza


    Appreciate your support!!! Your solution has fixed the issue.



  • Dear Ben,


    The issue is fixed. I followed Mr. Mohammed Reza's soultion.


    Thank you.

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