Lost all my passwords across all my devices.

I'm exhausted, and seriously contemplating self harm. I just lost access to every single one of my about 80 passwords across all my devices.

Tried to add my tablet to Key. Installed Key, entered code from my phone to Tablet. Passwords popped up, I copied the one I wanted to use and closed key. Later I opened Key up again, the password list was empty. After a few minutes, the passwords had disappeared from my phone as well. Raced home, my desktop was on the whole time, so it was no surprise it was empty, but I had some hope left for my laptop. Shut down my wireless AP, booted up the laptop and checked Key, only to be disappointed by an empty password list after entering my master password.

I've got 8 months left in my subscription, and now I've got the task of recovering dozens and dozens of passwords, most that I don't even know because they were generated with Key. I can't even phatom the amount of work and money this will end up requiring. Suffice to say, this had easily been the worst customer experience I've ever had with any company, a glitch in your software has basically ruined my life.

If anyone contemplating buying Key is reading this: think long and hard; these forums are evident that MOST users won't end up like me (in fact, knowing these forums, there'll soon be a bunch of "helpful" people racing in to explain that they indeed still have their passwords), but are you willing to take the chance knowing the consequences?

If any F-Secure employee has some secret sauce to sprinkle on this I'm all ears, but reading previous threads about lost passwords I'm not exactly holding my breath here.


  • dukavi
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    nopenopenope, sad to hear you have faced a problem like this. We are working now on this issue. This is indeed very serious problem.

    Can you tell us what devices do you have connected? Android one and Desktop? Can you please copy information from Hep->About->System information and send to

    [email protected] on your Desktop client? Also, a log file, %LOCALAPPDATA%\F-Secure\Pwmgr\Pwmgr.log.

    Note, information in the log file doesn't contain any private data.


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