F-secure Key licese problem



I have a tablet,computer,android phone in F-secure Key sync. 


My computer started to say "buy a new lisence" So I bought one. Well now it still says buy a new. Even after I inserted that new licensekey. 


in my this picture my phone is giving me a weird license end day... 



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    Hi onionv,


    As @dukavi has mentioned in this post, we can make a password backup, then clean up the storage and enter the premium code (given in private message) for your issue. Please follow the steps he has mentioned in his post and you can find the code in your private message.


    Quoting his post (in the link I shared) here:

    "we can clean up all the data, both on Desktop and Android and start syncing from the scratch.

    You need to make a backup of your password collection and then re-import them again after cleaning local settings storage.

    The steps are:

    1. Create password backup on Desktop by exporting passwords to a file.
    2. Quit KEY and remove folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\F-Secure\Pwmgr on all Desktop clients
    3. Start KEY again, put master password and import files from a file
    4. Enter premium voucher to enable sync (we will provide voucher in PM)
    5. Remove and install again Android client
    6. Generate sync code on Desktop and connect Android client"


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