Policy Manager won't distribute updates anymore

Our clients hasn't got updates from PM server over two weeks. Tried restarting services and restarting server no luck. Any ideas how to get the PM working


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    what version is the PMs what version are the clients?


    V8 no longer receives updates!



  • PM is version 10 and clients are 9.2

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    Does the Summary page show, that PMS has been updated?

    Is the local FSAV updated correcly?

    What version is the file FSAV32.EXE?


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    Does the PM download the updates?


    Have a look at the admin guide at page 54 there you can find more about AV DB download messages.


    You can as well look at the client fsaua.log to see if PM is reachable.


    Post fsaua log out put here just make sure to remove private data.

  • There was following on the PM

    [ 616]Tue Jan 17 10:58:25 2012(2): Connecting to fsbwserver.f-secure.com (no BW proxy, no HTTP proxy)...
    [ 616]Tue Jan 17 10:58:25 2012(2): Update check completed successfully. No updates are available.
    [ 616]Tue Jan 17 11:18:07 2012(3): Agent shutting down


    I reinstalled the PM and everything works fine now

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