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I'm looking to set up an environment of managed clients on Mac hardware and software. What i'm looking for is an on-site policy manager and some kind of anti-virus or Client security package for the laptops and the servers on the network.


After reading through the presentation pages of the business software, i'm ready to either rip out my beard or turn to the community (which i suppose is way less painful), because i just can't find out what i need, or if it exists.


First, Policy manager. How can i best get it running on a Mac? Back in the day, i remember it being a java app, and when i registered for the evaluation download, i could only find downloads for Windows and Linux. Hooray.


Do i need to run it on Windows or Linux, both of which require a virtual machine for the job? I assume the Linux needs to be one with a graphical UI -- no text UI here. 


Aforementioned evaluation download also included the option to download a jar for Client Security Premium. Is this a Windows-only software?


Furthermore, i could find a download eval for Server Security dot exe. Clearly a Windows software. But what i could not find is either F-Secure Anti-Virus, which has a Mac port, or any other product which advertises that it works on a Mac (SAFE?). 


So i'm kind of lost here. What should i get to have a secure and on-site managed environment? Mac-Affee?





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    Apple Mac OS X workstations are supported, but only in the FSAV PSB (full name F-Secure Protection Service for Business) product range, with its cloud-based centralized management method.


    Note: about 90% of Apple OS X computers are lightweight laptops that are being carried around the world by their users - thus it makes no sense to support them within the legacy, static F-Secure Policy Manager System, which needs extensive VPN support to stay relevant for out-of-office mobile workforce.


    Similarly, the Android OS handheld devices are supported by FSAV PSB.


    Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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    Hi Tamas,


    I completely agree - I can't think of any benefit to using on-premise management in these days of mobile working. PSB is surely the future of the F-Secure product line!


    llaurén, why do you need to have an on-premise management server? If you use the cloud manager, you won't need to assign any of your own compute/storage resource, and F-Secure will take care of future updates etc that you would otherwise have to do yourself. This is also true of the clients - F-Secure will update the clients when a new version is released, too.




  • Thanks for the pointers!


    We are essentially setting up a restricted lab environment, where the computers (indeed, laptops) are rarely if ever leaving the network. Also, the computers should be able to operate without a direct Internet connection and get the configurations and updates from the policy management server. Thus, these fairly synthetic requirements.


    Didn't the old policy manager allow you to set the client to fetch updates from the Internet if the local server isn't available? Not that this really is an issue here.

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    > computers should be able to operate without a direct Internet connection and get the configurations and updates from the policy management server


    I don't know Apple OSX exactly, but for Windows endpoints, if they do not have access to the public net, the level of F-Secure protection is decreased by ~33%, because ORSP cloud queries cannot be performed for DeepGuard. (The F-Secure Policy Manager Server currently doesn't have the ability to proxy ORSP traffic for the endpoints.)


    If you really need Mac virus protection for an isolated environment, I think you will need to look elsewhere. If you are afraid of targeted attacks (Stuxnet ver1.2.3 on USB key), traditional antivirus protection is probably the least of your worries?


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher.

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