F-Secure KEY (free version) / Broken laptop / Retrieving passwords

I have been using free version of KEY.  My laptop broke down and now I'm trying to figure out, if there is any way to retrieve my passwords and access/use them on my new laptop. I have access to the 'Safe mode' of the broken laptop and possibility to copy data from there. If there is possibility to retrieve the data, how the file(s) is named? Most likely I have to copy the whole 'F-Secury Key' -folder from Program Files.


When downloading the KEY to my new laptop, should I have the Premium version of the program or can I still continue with the free version?


  • fox
    fox Posts: 20

    I had same problem that my computer did not start (windows 7). I attached disk to another computer via usb-adapter and copied  C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\F-Secure\Pwmgr folder to new computer. I did not get my data back! F-Secure Key is still empty!


    EDIT: I had to kill fskey process to replace all files. Now working!

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