Freedome for business on iOS, APN?

I am having trouble getting FfB on my iOS device .

I get the email and press install.

but I get Device profile failed.

I see in the instructions I should have created and APNs , but following the instructions there is nowhere to create the APNs, as discribed in the instructions



  • full error message update:
    Profile Installation Failed
    A connection to the server could not be established
  • I have now found the section, I think the error is in line 2 of the instructions . Ignore the bit 'In Home' just stay in Company>> company name.
    Also I had to turn off Freedome for Business on my PC to download the Certificate Signing Request ( step 1)
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    Hello Spangle,


    In case you still have trouble you can find instructions on installation on IOS in these articles:

  • Ben
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    Hello Spangle,


    Thank for your feedback. I'll forward that information internally to make the article clearer. 

    The confusion comes from the 2 different scenarios in which you can log into our portal(reseller or company).

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