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In the latest version of F-Secure, the Password list comes in alphabetical order as in the past, but when you go to invoke a particular Password, the list is scambled with a seldom-used site on top with a line under it. How can I get this list to agree with the opening list of Passwords?


  • Ben
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    Hello Bobbers,


    Could you tell us which version you are currently using and on which platform you experience such a behavior?

  • Version is 4.0.106 running with Windows 7.  In some instances, the password desired pops up to the top of the list with an underline after you click on it from the master password list, which I think is great. But other times, depending on  your selection, a seldom-used pasword pops to the top and will not move, no matter what you try.  Then you have to scoll down to invoke the password you are looking for. Quite irritating, and did not occur before up-grade to  latest version.



  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello bobbers,


    Thank you for the information. 

    KEY finds the relevant entries to display at the top of the list by comparing the windows name and the password entries. 

    In order to see the relevant entries at the top, could you try to edit the name of the entries so that they include at least one word from the title of the login window?

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