entry duplicating on each start

Noticed that in my KEY a entry that I have had quite a while has started to replicate itself. I used to have one entry of that password, now I have 16. Before last time quitting the Windows client (win10) there were 12.


Now I am a bit afraid to do any restarts as all these seem to be nicely replicating to all devices.


  • HarriK
    HarriK Posts: 1



    Sorry for the trouble. The duplication problem is caused by a bug in the iOS client. Fortunately we have just now released a fixed version to the AppStore, it should be available everywhere in a few hours.


    Make sure your KEY iOS client is at least version 4.0.1 before starting it, and no new duplicates should appear.


    Unfortunately you will have to remove the remaining duplicates manually.

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