Problems pushing out client security

I'm having problems pushing out Client Security 12.00 from Policy Manager to a client pc.


I'm getting this error message: 

The Launcher service has reported an error.
An unhandled exception occurred in Setup.


Any tips? I have turned off firewall and I can reach the client so no network trouble.


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  • hello,


    i have the same problem. i try to push clinet security to windows 7 .


    i receive error: The Launcher service has reported an error.
    An unhandled exception occurred in Setup. 1

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    Hello Rikart, florinpatrascu,


    Please, make sure, that you have Policy Manager 12 in use.

    In order to find out a root cause we will need more detailed information/logs from affected machines and Policy Manager. Please, contact support.

    If the problem occurs with just a few machines, you may try installation from exported MSI package as a fast workaround.


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  • yes i have PM 12.

    i try to make a proof of concept for a future clinet. 

    what see the client?

    F-secure doesn't work. I try to install on more PC but i receive this error. We need to know what posibil problem generate this message. In PM12 error code is differentto previous version. What does it mean error "1" ?

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    Unfortunately, the information you provided is not enough for answer what's wrong in your case. Please, contact support.


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    In order to "push install" antivirus to modern Windows (Vista/7/8/10) it is necessary to "castrate" many built-in OS security features beforehand, for which you either need to go on-site or use Group Policy.


    It is a much better idea to export pre-configured F-Secure package in .MSI file format, from within the Policy Manager Console and then use a Group Policy object to command and distribute the remote installation process.


    I think the legacy "Push Install" feature should be removed from FS-PMC, because it is both obsolete and unworkable with any modern Windows OS.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • hello,


    I think it would be useful error messages to say exactly what the problem was encountered.

    It is embarrassing to do a test for a future customer and a not work.

    it does not stay to investigate logs F-Secure. We need quick solutions.

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    The too-brief error codes and messages you see come from the Windows OS, not F-Secure.


    Some push install pre-requisites I remember:

    Admin-dollar share in the endpoint must be enabled and work over the network

    Remote registry service must be enabled and be running on the endpoint

    Endpoint's built-in Microsoft firewall must be disabled or holed

    Simple file sharing must be disabled, if such a service exists (maybe WinXP only?)

    Network access: Sharing and security model for local accounts must be in Classic mode

    An obscure registry setting must be changed, but I can't remember or find it?


    Anyhow, I have long given up on "push install". Why try to swim across the trench and break down the castle gate with a trebouchet, when there is easy admittance at the next door over the corner? (Use .JAR to .MSI re-export in PMC and then distribution via AD GPO for easy FSAVCS remote installation).


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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