Various problems with new KEY



Upgraded KEY on Win10, OSX 10.11 and iOS 9.0.2.

When I installed it on iOS 9 and entered synchronization code, my passwords took about ~30mins to appear. Previously it took like a second.


I get duplicate Facebook items a lot (on all platforms), currently there are four of them for some reason.


Also when I was filling out new credentials on OSX, it suddenly logged out!


Another annoying feature is on OSX, if I close the window, it keeps running on background. That's fine. But when I want to open the window again, I have to first click the icon in Dock, then click the icon on task bar and only after that the window appears.


Fix these bugs please, and don't hesitate to ask me to send logs etc.

Thanks for the fresh new look :)


  • LKo
    LKo Posts: 13

    I have currently around 100 duplicate Facebook entries in my KEY. The synchronization is seriously broken!

    In the next version, you should also add a feature to delete multiple items easily...

  • LKo
    LKo Posts: 13

    So I received a new version for Windows and OSX.

    No idea if you fixed the synchronization problem, because for some reason you don't release a changelog! (Can you explain to me, why?)


    I'm now having 792 entries in my KEY, about 750 of those are duplicates. No way to select all the duplicates and delete them, and I am not going to manually delete them all.

    Now please tell me, how am I supposed to get rid of all the duplicates?

    They are slowing KEY on iOS down so much, that it takes about one minute to open!


    I'm really disappointed to your customer service. I can clearly see that F-Secure employees are replying to other questions, but I am a paying customer and I have promised to deliver all the debug logs necessary and willing to do so in the future. Yet, I'm not getting even a reply stating that someone is looking into this.

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