FSK slows down Excel 2013 when releasing filter - stays in "not responding" for hours with large dat



I have FSK installed on my Windows 7 laptop with plenty or hardware resources.


When FSK is running in background and I first set (limit results) and then clear any filter on any Excel file with more - let's say a couple of hundreds of rows - Excel freezes for a while until filter is cleared.


This happens even with CSV files. No macros in use, no add-ins, no complex formulas etc.


This behaviour can be repated many times and is confirmed to happen with another PC.


All works fine when fsk.exe process is killed.


FSK version is 4.0.104. Same problem occurred with previous version as well.





  • dukavi
    dukavi Posts: 115 F-Secure Employee

    Can you try to disable autofill at Settings->General and see if problem is gone?

  • Jani_
    Jani_ Posts: 6

    Yes, disabling autofill soves this problem.


    Re-enabling it immediately causes above mentioned freezing.

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