Key does not remind about new versions in Windows

I have noted about this problem earlier also. ("Key does not update itself automatically in Win 8", 30.4.2014, with different user name as the system forced me to change password and username today).

The solution given in 2014 was that the application reminds about new versions no automatic update coming.

The solution is acceptable, BUT I have seen the reminder maybe once or twice but not as a rule. So I need to check if new version is available manually. And that is complicated as the download page does not show what is the latest version. So I need to downlaod the file and start update before I can see which version you have available and do I really need to update or not.

Some better solution needed , please.

Now using Win10 (earlier Win8) in 2 PCs.

In Android  Google Play seems to take care of the automatic updates.





  • dukavi
    dukavi Posts: 115 F-Secure Employee

    Normally, only important upgrades or critical bugfixes are promoted through notification mechanism. Upgrades are not fully automatic at this moment thus require regular user’s interaction and it might become annoying.

  • Timo_T
    Timo_T Posts: 10

    To help checking if there is a new version with not so important changes, could you add info about the latest version number into the download page.


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