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Notepad++ harmful?

I used the installer from here:


Anti-Virus for Workstations says "DeepGuard has blocked a harmful application in your computer" when I try to start it. And I also just manually updated the definitions just to be safe. Still declared as harmful.

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  • etomcatetomcat Posts: 1,312
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    The "F-Secure Anti-Virus for Workstations" product is now depreciated, there will be no new version released beyond FSAV WKS 11.61.


    It is recommended to use FSCS 12.00 instead, with the IS/DFW built-in proprietary firewall disabled, if necessary. Regrettably, F-Secure 12 is not available for the Windows XP platform.


    Anyhow, there was no Notepad Plus Plus start-up alarm for me with FSCS12 on Win7, with or without the Deepguard "Advanced monitoring" option enabled.


    Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.


  • Good to know that it is actually harmless, I will forward this to our admins. Thanks!

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