Hosts are disconnected

All my hosts are disconnected. What needs to be done?

PM10, Clients 9.20.


  • MJ-perComp
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    check logfile.log on the Host. What do the first entries after reboot tell you?

    Can you access the PMS using IE or FF (with no proxy active?)

    What did you cahnge?

    Did you set up a new PM or did you migrate from PM9?




  • tomoff
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    "The F-Secure installation process could not be started because of problems with internal communication in F-Secure Management Agent. You can try closing some programs or rebooting the machine. If you see this message frequently contact the system administrator.


    F-Secure Anti-Virus Scanning of com/sun/jmx/remote/protocol/iiop/ServerProvider.class was aborted due to exceeded scanning time limit. The file may be in use or reading it was too slow (e.g. network connection was under stress)."


    Yes, I can access PMS with browser, no proxy.


    Nothing has been changed, no new installation etc.


    Clients give "f-secure network request broker error". Seems to be the main reason...?


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