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Remove policy inheritance


PMC 12.00

In advanced mode root, if I set up a table, when I want to change settings on the host, I can not delete or edit settings,

Is it possible to remove the policies of inheritance?





  • Hello,


    F-Secure Anti-Spyware Settings are not used by Anti-Spyware versions 6.40 and later. You can read this note in the help text in F-Secure Anti-Spyware -> Settings -> Browser Control.

    You have Anti-Spyware 9.20 installed on the host, so this setting just doesn't work for you.


    If you would like to block sites for the host, you can use F-Secure Browsing Protection functionality, which is available in Premium products. Those settings allow you to disable root policies using checkboxes in the first column.



  • GcGc Posts: 5

    Hi Gerema, thanks for answering



    True Anti-Spyware should not be used to configure, but in my opinion, when I use that list, is more effective than the protection browsing (Browsing Protection has some problems in protocols "http and https").

    But that's not my problem

    the problem is not only in Anti-Spyware, at any table is equal, for example, DeepGuard, if I set the root, in the subdomain or host I can not delete or edit.



    In a large network, to have less work, it is configured in root or sub-domain, but then want to edit to host certain permits.



  • In this particular table you can disable the row by editing 'Enable' column on the host. Last column setting specifies whether this rule is enabled or not.


  • etomcatetomcat Posts: 1,318 Superuser



    > F-Secure Anti-Spyware Settings are not used by Anti-Spyware versions 6.40 and later.


    Then it should be purged from the SNMP tree view in FSPM Console 12.00 . I feel there is a lot of legacy ballast dragging down Policy Manager.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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