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How can I stop F- secure logging out after entering a new password, pressing 'Done' and frustratingly it logs out? I have tried numerous times - all with same results 


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    Hi Mickfor,


    Can I have more information on this issue in order to check further? Does it happen when you enter a new username and password and click the 'tick' mark to add it? Does it auto log out you from Key Program?


    May I know if this happens in your desktop or on your mobile device? What is the OS of your device?

  • I have entered a new username and password on my iPad numerous times and tried on my iPhone 5s numerous times with the same result i.e. as soon as I touch 'done' as I have always done F-secure logs out from the whole programme and I have to log in again . I normally log out by going into menu and then lock ! 

  • Sorry I meant to add my ' new username and password ' has never been saved. 

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,439 Community Manager

    Hi Mickfor,


    I have sent you a Private Message for further information on this issue.

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    Hello Mickfor


    Our developpers were able to  identify the problem with the provided logs. It is a known issue and it will be fixed in the upcoming iOS release. The  application will crash if the entry title begins or ends with a space.


    While waiting for the release, you  can work around the problem by picking an actual icon for the entry (not initials), or by making sure that the title of an entry does not have a space before or after it.

  • Many thanks
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