Using F-Secure Key on shared computers

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I'm currently using a competitors password manager, but I've been checking out Key on one of my computers. Both managers have some features that the other is missing, but one key feature that I would like to know about is:


On my current product my wife and I are able to share the same software. It has a multi user mode where I can log in with my account and then put in my master password and it will show me my password vault. She can log in with her account and then put in her master password and it will show her passwords. Does F-Secure Key have any functionality similar to this?


Regards, OtterNZ.


  • Are there any plans to add the ability to use multiple users with F-Secure Key? Easier to keep the family secure if they are using the same product as me instead of each using different products.
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    Hi OtterNZ,


    Unfortunately, shared accounts are not supported and there are no plans for implementing it.

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