Fsecure KEY seems to be interfering with system performance

Hello there,


I have searched this issue over the forum, but could not find a resolution that would work for me. I have FSecure Key on premium account, using Windows 10.


I have noticed a  slow behavior from my computer since I updated it from Windows 8.1; this issue also happened a few times in the late OS, but it's a recurrent problem in Windows 10.


I can easily check on Task Manager that fskey.exe keeps using CPU time when I use a program, like a web browser; I could also notice that the process COM Surrogate from the OS uses a certain amout of CPU time also, apparently only if fskey.exe is working.


When i finish the fskey.exe process, the system seems to handle just fine.


Is there any issue related to this description?


I have already uninstalled and installed again FSecure, using the uninstall tool and the version provided on the FSecure site; I have not noticed any effects.


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  • JhxJhx Posts: 10

    Same here. Today I noticed the latest version of KEY is constantly using 3-8% of CPU time, even if I have no browser windows open. While my computer is on idle, it's the number one CPU process on Task Manager (Win 8.1).

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    Same kind of a situation here also,fskey + windows 10,fskey.exe(32 bit) + COM Surrogate processes hugging 50% of Cpu time after startup,quitting fskey resolves the situation.Willing to run and send fsdiag-file of the issue,unsure WHERE to send it(Consumer Product Support)
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    This is a known issue that got more visible with Win10. Our development team is working on it.


    The high CPU usage is caused by the autofill feature. It should be replaced by browser plugins with more advanced features in the future versions. This  should be very much lighter for the CPU.


    This update should be coming by the end of the year.




  • Ben,


    thanks for replying.


    I could understand that this is an already known issue, with broader impact on Windows 10; I also could understand that a permanent fix for it, would come by the end of this year.


    Even though, I would like to ask and to suggest a small resolution, that would be attractive for us, users, while patiently waiting for the final solution: to be able to shutdown the autofill feature.


    I guess that could be a simple way of moving ourselves around the problem, while not disturbing the company's work flow.


    What could you say about this suggestion?


    With my best regards,


    Michel J. Grando

  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert



    Our developers are trying to deliver a fix as soon as possible. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

  • Hi - any updates on this now that year end is coming closer..

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    Hello Phakkinen,


    You should be able to disable autofill under Settings>General and "enable autofill" by unchecking the check-box, if you have a version more recent than version 4.0.102, 


    Sorry for not informing you earlier. Our development is also working on an improved way to handle the autofill functionality in the future.


  • Ben, thank you for attending to our request.


    This small feature has made our lifes easier.


    With my best regards,


    Michel J. Grando



    1) I use version ios9.1,fs-key 4.02(finnish),there's no 'disable autofill option' available at settings>


    2) somehow my community account(nickname JOnes) was 'disabled' as well,had to renew it(JOnes2)

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    Hello Jones,


    1.This feature is present only on PC as that is were the system performance issues were reported with autofill.


    2. This is due to a maintenance we had back in September and it affected a limited number of community members. 

    I'll make some changes to give you back access to your old account.

  • Spoiler

    ok,i've missed your maintenance notice back in September 2015 somehow,let me know when  you are finished  getting my nickname and rank back..Smiley Wink

  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Jones,


    On your next login you should have your old account(Name and stats) back.


    Let me know should you still have problem with that.

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    Everything seems to be okay,thanks.

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