Key generating an excess amount of processes and jamming the laptop

Hi F-Secure,


I had an issue with Key today. I logged on Key and shortly after that my Laptop started jamming. I tried rebooting a couple of times, does not help. I suspected a virus/malware/whatever. This is a company laptop and our IT troubleshooted the issue for a couple of hours, including virus scanning. Each and every clink to ages because of the jamming processes. They found out that the issue occurs only when they log in the laptop with my account. Hearing this I scrolled back in my memory and recalled that the last thing that I was trying to do before the issue started was that I logged on Key. They uninstalled Key and now the laptop is fine. 


This was a really tricky one: when the laptop behaves as if it had virus the last suspect is a F-Secure product. Also, when rebooting the issue peristed (more and more and more and more processes appearing from nowhere) even that I did not log on to Key at all. Killing the processes did not help, they just re-incarnated. Now after discussing with IT support I understand that it automatically starts at background when I start the laptop but this was something that I had not thought of. 


You may guess that I'm not willing to re-install Key on the laptop before I'm assured that the issue has been solved. Unfortunately I did not mark down the name of the process that was jamming there. I hope that F-Secure experts can still comment this.


The tricky thing with the Key is that you become so dependent of it via using different 10+ character passwords for tens of different services that you would really not like to give it up but just try to live with the issues. Yes, I've been through the "master password not accepted issue" (posted on that here in the forum) and also enjoyed the "subscription becoming void" -issue (did not post, just made a new purchase but noticed from the discussions here that I was not the only one with that trouble either). I would still rate myself a happy*ish* user of Key but camooooon ... this is about to be the third time. About - I'm still holding the door open for the possibility that this is just me or my laptop.


Looking forward for comments from F-Secure side.


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    Addition to the previous message: I have Windows 7 Enterprise Version 6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1)

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    Continuing the same story: the name of the jamming process was dllhost.exe and it generated thousands of instancies. I have a screenshot showing a total of 3453 processes running on my laptop. Most of these are instancies of dllhost.exe. The problem disappeared when I Key was removed.

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