Cannot install client security v12 on win 10

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Just upgraded to pm v12, and imported client security v12 in policy manager.


Exported an installation package, but the install not works.

Installation starts and finish without error, but not a single file written on the disk.

No F-Secure folder in program files, nothing.


What version is compatible with win 10?


(Edit: Just installed v11.x without problem.

For the v12 export I used a v11 product key, it was accepted during the export.)


  • Jachym
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    you need put the valid FSCS series 12 code. There is no code pre-check during the export process, unfortunatelly.




  • Chu
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    Client Security 12.x is another key, each version use an especific key, i.e. The key used  for v10 is diffenrent the key used for v11.


    You need ask to your reseller the new key codes for version 12.





    Roberto Chu

  • etomcat
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    The first F-Secure business category product to receive native-Windows10 compatibility will be FSAV PSB 10.60, which shall arive in late August.


    I think maybe in September, F-Secure Corp. will release a new minor version of FSCS 12, which shall support usage on native Win 10 platform.

    (If I understand correctly, the currently available FSCS 12.00 package only supports the

    install Win 7/8.x OS -> install antivirus software -> upgrade to Win 10 path)


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher.

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