How can I turn off the automatic inclusion feature when F_Secure is still on.

It sems to me that there is clearly a security breach in F_Secure Key. Once F-Secure Key is opened with the main password anyone connecting to a site from the computer will be able to click onto password protected sites, using the automatic access when the login and password boxes appear. The password will not be shown but automatic access to the site will be easily accessed. There should surely be a setting to switch this automatic feature OFF, otherwise "peepers" or hackers will be able to access one's password protected sites when F_Secure Key is open. Please excuse me if I am missing something, but this does seem insecure as soon as F_Secure Key is opened.


  • WJS
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    This is like saying my car has an alarm when I lock it but when I leave it unlocked, anyone can get in so it's the car manufacture's fault some stole my stuff from the back seat.

    Close the app then. Lock your computer when you're away. Or do both.

    I understand wanting the option to remove the web browser add-on but calling it a venerability is not accurate. There's no 'hack' involved. Even without the browser add-on, if you left the app open and your computer unlocked while you were away, some 'peeper' could just as easily see what you've entered in the F-Secure app. You left it in the clear, unlocked.
  • The Car Alarm system is not quite a fair analogy. I appreciate F-Secure Key should not to be left unlocked, but it has to be if the automated access is used. Furthermore it has to be on simply to read existing passwords or to add new ones. My point is simply if my computer was hacked whilst F_Secure Key is operative, then a hacker could get at my financial links DIRECTLY since the automatic access will be available. I do realize that a hacker could read my passwords from F_Secure in any case, but I do not like this automatic issue - just let me briefly open the program to read (or add) my passwords, without password requests for links also to be available. Can this aspect not have a setting to turn it off?
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