Autolocking and it's delay setting has disapered from Android version

I do not remember when this change has been done that is the autolocking and the setting to select the delay is no ore there. But today I noticed it suddenly when I opened the key and it opened without asking password.

Why is thi useful feature taken away?


I'm using Nexus 5, Android 5.1.1




  • HailanHailan Posts: 61

    Hi timot,

    The delay settings is only available on the pc version, however if I understand correctly you are saying that you were not asked for the "Master password" to unlock the application.

    Could this have perhaps been due to key having been recently opened and not passed the timeout/auto-locking time yet? Are you always able to open the software without a password currently? As the Master password has not been removed and is still required, however a "Remember me" option is available and this might have been selected and would have this same behaviour. To confirm if this is the case go to Menu > and select Lock, if the problem is resolved afterwards this was the case.




  • timottimot Posts: 27


    I want the automatick locking and the  delay setting back to android. It has been there but time to time you take it away. I complained about this same problem about a year ago as well. After that it game back but now again it is taken away.


  • HailanHailan Posts: 61

    Hi Timot,


    The automatic locking should still be present it was not removed from the software, the delay setting however is currently not on Android, we are currently evaluating if it it will make it back to future versions.

    Is the software not auto locking anymore for you even after following the steps I provided earlier?

  • timottimot Posts: 27


    Autolocking is not working properly.

    1. Opening the Key application from the "desktop icon" always requires password (locks always)

    2. But via keyboard (writing in other applications and selecting key as a keyboard) no locking seems to happen (unless using the Key application  , after that seems to lock always).

    3. And seem like opening Key from the list of resently used apps seems to open Key without password.


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