F-Secure Key auto updated and lost all data

My dad's iPhone 4S auto updated the F-Secure App, he uses it daily, upon opening it it asked him to set a new master password therefore making a new account with no trace of any of his passwords, I've since turned off auto updating but is their any way to be able to retrieve his password account and data, he is quite distressed and angry as his work computer passwords are stored within the app.


Like the app is empty like new with the updated layout, when updated it started a new account and didnt keep his data, is their any way possible to be able to retrieve it. 




  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Jackoneill,


    Does your father have any other devices that might still have the passwords synced?


    Could you confirm the following:

    Is the iphone jailbroken? 

    When was the auto-update set? Only recently or it was constantly on since the installation of FS-KEY?

  • Hi Ben,


    no it wasnt associated with any other devices he was just using the free version.


    and auto update has been switched since he got the phone as its on by default in iOS and wasnt switched off like on my phone, so its been on longer than he has been using the app


    His phone is not jailbroken or never has been

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