Won't log me in??

I am a newbie so I suppose I am doing something wrong. I just entered my first two log in's, ebay and amazon. When I click on the ebay icon, it goes to the ebay url. Then I click on sign in and it just sits there and doesn't log me in. Also when I click on the Amazon icon, it takes me to the sign in URL and, again, just sits there and doesn't log me in. Am I missing a step or something?


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    Hi, it's me again. I really need some help here. I really like this software and need it. I thought if I provided some more info, perhaps someone could help me with this. I am using Vista with IE, therefore, IE is very much outdated but I can't use Firefox until I get this straightened out. Or at least I don't think I can. Can someone help me get this login problem fixed? I really don't know what it is that I am doing wrong. Any suggestions out there?


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    Sorry for my reply.


    Can be helpful some of next information:


    -> When website url opened... and if there not visible any of "Key" things......

    What will be if you goes to use shortcut/hotkey  "CTRL+F2", when you target "login" form.

    Should be visible "list of your entries".

    You can to choose related entry and there should be autofill-feature for both forms.


    -> Also you can to use "Ctrl+F2" and "CTRL+entry" will be fill just password.

    "SHIFT+entry" will be just as "login".

    Also available to use "Ctrl+Shift+entry" as fill for consoles (with "tab" between).


    -> Also other information maybe can to help......

    And this information available under Knowledgebase.

    You can to open it with... next steps: open F-Secure Key UI, Help-button under menu, choose "Knowledge Base under sub-menu".

    There can be more nice explanation/descriptions/other.


    Sorry again for my reply.

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    Thank you for the reply but I really don't understand your answer. All I want to do is to be able to long into my websites and I can't do that.This should be very simple. I am using Internet Explorer and Vista. I have filled out the information with my username and passwords for both ebay and Amazon and have not been successful in loggging into either of them. It is my understanding that all I have to do is click on the icon in front of the name and F-Secure should automatically log me into the website but it is not doing that. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong, please. I have checked the knowledge base and cannot find an answer to my simple question anywhere.


    Thank you for at least trying. This is very frustrating.



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    Potentially.. it's can be that there another design of work.


    F-Secure Key as software for secure storage your data (passwords, login-information, pin-codes or other). this is will be encrypted and it's will be storage for passwords not just as text-file, but also just "storage".


    But it's also can be as tool with autofill-feature (but not auto-loggining?! maybe yet).

    Such as.. you not need to type your passwords/logins manually (or copy from text-file).

    You able to choose some of shortcuts/hotkeys and fill it by some actions. Or it's can be with total autofill-feature (but it's still not available and just as "coming soon").



    Also maybe can be important, that if you choose "random" information (or password) under F-Secure Key UI... it's will be not work as "replacing" for original "password".

    But you can to use F-Secure Key as tool for generation passwords. you can to generate it.. and if you want to use it (as new password for service) ... you need to choose your password by service-settings.


    As example...

    If you have login "Amazon-account" and password "Amazon-password" for Amazon...

    But you add to F-Secure Key "Amazon-account" and "Amazon-new-password".


    For loggining to Amazon.. you should to use your original "Amazon-password".

    And if you want to change... it for "Amazon-new-password" under your profile-settings.

    Or under F-Secure Key ..... should be original "Amazon-password".


    With that background. Your steps for logging should be around next steps:

    -> You open F-Secure KEY UI, choose amazon-picture (as default should be URL to amazon website).

    -> Opened browser with amazon-login-page and forms for credentials.

    -> There can be different situations... but commonly.. you can to use "Ctrl+F2" (when login-form targeted/activated) and choose your entry.

    Will be autofill-action.. and you able to use your account (?!).



    Sorry for my English and hard explanation.

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    I suppose mine just does not work. I guess I will  have to look elsewhere for a password manager that does.  This one is useless to me.


    Thank you for trying to help.



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    Also sorry, maybe I wrong understand other points with additional information.

    Maybe you mean that it's simply does not work.. when you have normal "experience" with design.

    Such as.. if nothing happened... when you trying to fill by "autofill"-feature of Key.


    There can be some of reasons:


    -> Recently there was same (?) topics about troubles for Amazon (how I can to remember). Not sure.. why it's can be.... but maybe there have something specific.

    Not sure.. if it's should be not work just for some of websites (shopping?)>


    -> Basically... F-Secure Key have requirements about "Windows 7+" ;

    Maybe on current days (previously.. it was not so critical) Vista start be more trouble-point as not supported platform.


    Maybe you also can to wait response by F-Secure team (maybe tomorrow) and it's will be more helpful.

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    If you go to the web-site (or any other desktop application that requires authentication) you may put focus on any username or password field and then select proper password entry to autofill username and (or) password field by clicking KEY icon.

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    I have been clicking the icon which is in front of the website that I have been trying to log into (ebay or amazon) and it still does not work. Again, I am using Vista and IE, which, the software is supposed to be OK to use. Any other suggestions are welcomed because I think this is great software, if I could just get it to work?





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