Lost F-Secure Key Premium subscription

JHA Posts: 1

I have the same problem as many others seem to have. My subscription has been charged, but I dont have Premium any more. What should I do?


  • jpwarg
    jpwarg Posts: 4

    Same here. Desktop version says that subscription expired and I just bought 12 months subscription on april. And it doesn't even sync or accept new connection from my mobile f-sec key

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert



    Could you tell us which version do you run on your desktop machine?


    Latest versions  available here?

  • jpwarg
    jpwarg Posts: 4

    Yes. I have the latest version. I used MySAFE to recover the premium voucher but now it says my key is valid until 46251-03-27 (yes .. year fourty six thousand two hundred fifty one). My subscription should be only valid to about October 2016 (12 months from April 2015 plus 6 months extra from voucher code you sent to all )

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