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I will install new exchange 2010 servers. We count to install Fsecure for windows server and fsecure for ms exchange. 

I want to know if I must configure directories exclusion for the exchange servers like the databases,... ?


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    Actually combination of FSAV for Server and FSAV for MS Exchange is in Release Candidate phase at this moment and release to manufacturing should be ready in February.


    NEW Release Candidate: F-Secure E-mail and Server Security version 9.20 build 487:









  • gvaccarello
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    Sorry but we prefer to wait the official version

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    Note that the Release Candidate build is quite stable. If no problems are found during piloting, the Release Candidate version will be the final/official one. So, you don't need to wait :) If you find problems while installing and playing with the RC in your network, you will help us and other customers to make the high-quality release out.

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    Sorry but I prefer that it is the others who tests the rc for us ! 

  • Dmitriy
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    Why do you think that _others_ will test and find all problems that will not appear later on your environment?


    The development team does extensive testing internally and we already have the RC deployed internally at F-Secure.


    Could you elaborate why you are afraid to use the Release Candidate?

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    Hi dear!


    I do agree.

    If you don't know what to exclude and how to exclude, please check these web links:

    Because exclusions will compromise the security in the environment; you must always consider how to take care of non scanned files.


    How to exclude in F-Secure.

    Microsoft exclusion recommendations for Exchange 2010.

    Microsoft exclusion recommendations for SQL.



    Hope the information will be to any help.

    With Best regards:

    Johan O Olsson/ATEA Sweden AB

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    I do not like these atricles at all, because

    Exclusions always expose the system to a higher risk, esp. when they are global! 

    Windows can execute a file malware.edb if it is Win32 based, and if *.edb is excluded you are trapped!


    F-Secure must carefully check the mentioned articles and has to take steps to make these manual exclusions unneeded!


    There are similar documents for PDCs and AD-Server.







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    Strange... no news for the final version... (foreseen fo february)

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    Any news on this? image It has been a few months since they told that it will be released last February.

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