"Unstable" connection

I've recently updated some customer still running the 8.0 version to the last one (AVCS 9.20 and Linux PM 10.0 ).
Now in every of these customers I often receive warning messages  from their PCs like the ones I've put at the end of the message..
Note that this happens at least one or two times every day for every PC they use.
The LAN connection has no problem because the servers are also used as a file server and the customers would have warned me if that wasn't working for an hour, also the same warnings happen in 3 of our customers, it's impossible that all the 3 have network problems.

Date: 2011-12-28  18:12:43+02:00
Host: PC3 (
Computer name: pc3
User account: XXXXXXXXXXX
Product: F-Secure Management Agent (OID:
Severity: warning (2)
Message: F-Secure Management Agent has detected new communication settings that have failed to work immediately and switched back to the last known good settings. This may be caused by a temporary loss of connection to the F-Secure Policy Manager Server or by a set of invalid communication settings.

and after some time

Date: 2011-12-28  19:12:46+02:00
Host: PC3 (
Computer name: pc3
User account: XXXXXXXXXX
Product: F-Secure Management Agent (OID:
Severity: warning (2)
Message: F-Secure Management Agent has started using the new communication settings successfully and is again operating in normal mode.


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    my quick guess:

    PM10 (and also PM9) have introcduced a new database (H2DB) which needs certain ports to work propperly.


    some other software on that server is blocking those ports. As PM does not work propperly the clients switch back to some old PM-address : port where they also do not get updates then thy try again after some time to reach the new server mentioning that they started using the new settings, ...


    Stop the new server and check from "netstat -an" which ports are active.

    check from the clients which address and ports they expect to use


    compare the results and either move the PM to the old address or stop the software that occupies the ports on the server


    in some cases you might need to modify some registry settings on the server if internal ports for the DB-acces ar in use, but lets try the above first...



  • The policy manager is configured to use port 8082 for the manager and 82 for the clients.

    Both ports are avaiable and working: if I open them in a browser, I can see a message from the Policy Manager.

    From the console I can see all the clients as connected and updated with latest policy and lastest virus definition.

    Maybe is a timeout problem when the client is really busy? The PCs are some years old. Is possible to increase the timeout for the connection with the server ?


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    please create an fsdiag from PMS and from aclient that switches for and back, Then open a supoort-call and post the received SR-ID here for reference.



  • I already did it three weeks ago, never received a reply.

    The SR ID is 1-487876013

  • Another week without answers ....

  • I am also expecting for an answer regarding this matter. I have the similar case and would like to have it fixed. Any update so far?image

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