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The latest F-Secure Key update is driving me bonkers.  I've updated twice and I still keep getting a message that there's a new update.  I have installed it!  Twice.  Why does it keep bugging me about it?

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  • KDx2KDx2 Posts: 8
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    Never mind. This time it worked. I had downloaded and installed the .msi before, but for some reason it didn't change the rev level. This time it did. My rev level is now 3.1.112


  • dukavidukavi Posts: 111 F-Secure Employee

    What product version do you have?

    You shoudn't see any upgrade dialogs if you have version 3.1.112 or higher installed.

  • KDx2KDx2 Posts: 8

    I have 3.1.106.  

  • dukavidukavi Posts: 111 F-Secure Employee

    Please, download and install latest one.

  • KDx2KDx2 Posts: 8
    How do I do that? Every time I get the message that there's a new update it downloads
    That doesn't change 3.1.106. I don't see an Update button anywhere. I'm sure I'm being stupid. Sorry about that, but why isn't it giving me a link to download an update that will change my rev level?
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