F-Secure KEY lost subscription

My desktop (OSX - latest version) KEY keeps complaining that my subscription has expired. My mobile app says that there is still over a month of subscription left. Also I should have the auto renewal on anyhow. 


I already tried using 'connect devices' code from the mobile device on the desktop app, but the desktop app keeps prompting that the subscription has expired.


What to do?



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  • BenBen Posts: 2,640 F-Secure Product Expert
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    Hi all,


    I sent a private message to the participant on this thread, to resolve this issue.



  • axmasteraxmaster Posts: 11

    Same problem here. Premium subscription until januari 2016, but Key tells me I can't sync because I do not have premium. 

  • KorvaooKorvaoo Posts: 7

    Yeah same problem here, should be valid untill september and automatic resubscription

  • axmasteraxmaster Posts: 11
    After login today, my Premium subscription seems to have vanished, apparently I went from Premium to Free (allthough I have paid until January 26, 2016!).
  • petrilkpetrilk Posts: 3

    I'm having the same problem with this latest update.

    I was having some license problems already at few updates ago. Then the license end date was incorrect, and that was fixed by the following update. This update again broke the subscription, and now I am back to free version, even though it should be ok until september 2015 and the auto-update should be on.

    On my phone the subscription is shown correctly.

  • IT-FinnIT-Finn Posts: 1

    I'm having the same problem. Today all my PC apps lost my Premium subscription even though my subscription should not end until November 5:th. My iPhone app still works and shows the correct end date.

  • dukavidukavi Posts: 107

    This problem is now being investigated, we wil notify you on the progress.

  • dukavidukavi Posts: 107

    The problem affected few tens of customers, who purchased Premium subscription using third-party purchase provider, which doesn’t provide the service any more. We will contact affected customers and provide new 2-years subscription.

  • KorvaooKorvaoo Posts: 7

    Thanks for key, i believe that fixed a problem.

  • Rane60Rane60 Posts: 1

    Order made for Premium Key 5.3.2015 for one year and now the order is no more valid. Vaiting for your contact.

  • terotikterotik Posts: 4


    From my part the problem is solved. Thank you for the assistance!

  • jarkyojarkyo Posts: 1

    F-Secure Key Premium ordered 09.02.2015, now lost subsciption? how to get it working again

  • JoATJoAT Posts: 1

    Same problem here. My subscription should be valid until 6th Jan. 2016.

  • ittamittam Posts: 2

    My Key lost subsciption yesterday after 1.5 months even though I have paid it for 12 months. Please help..


  • 0xtero0xtero Posts: 13

    And same here...

    Both iPad and iPhone tell me my subscription is valid until September


    The PC version Help -> About menu even tells me my sub should be valid - but the program complains the sub has ended..


    Version: 3.1.104
    Purchase date: 2014-09-06T15:07:03.163Z
    Verification date: 2015-06-06T13:42:09.755Z
    Remaining subscription (days): 97
    Total subscription length: 12
    Valid until: 2015-09-13T15:07:03.163Z



  • 0xtero0xtero Posts: 13



    Including screenshot as well

  • ittamittam Posts: 2

    I got mine fixed. Here is what I did:

    1) I upgraded the Key to version 3.1.112

    2) created account to MySafe from the F-Secure home page (using same email addres when I made the purchase)

    3) from MySafe  selected  Generate Premium Voucher


    the older version of Key (2.x) did not accept the Voucher but the above version did.

  • atlazatlaz Posts: 4

    Same problem for me!key.jpg

  • xgrxxgrx Posts: 1

    Same problem

  • PiRaPiRa Posts: 1

    I also have paid for a year, but still asking to update for premium....

  • Jonne77Jonne77 Posts: 1

    And same issue here. 3 month automatically renewing Key subscription. Last payment on 14th April 2015. I use Key almost daily. I think Sunday was still ok, yesterday Monday 8th June not. Showing free version in all devices. Not good. How to get the premium subscription restored?

  • BenBen Posts: 2,640 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello all,


    This is a known issue and we are trying to resolve it as soon as possible. I'll contact you by private message to try resolving it.


    @Jonne77 autorenewal subscriptions purchased from Asknet should not be any more renewing automatically In fact, we changed our partner for our webstore(now Cleverbridge) earlier this year. 

  • HeadacheHeadache Posts: 1

    Is this the reason why I got an email with a special voucher code?

  • atlazatlaz Posts: 4

    Yes, yes it was.

  • BenBen Posts: 2,640 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello headache,


    The email you received was indeed to resolve the issue reported in this thread.


  • Ensin tuli ilmoitus, että salasana on vaihdettu jollain koneista. No ei ole. Sitten tulee ilmoitus, että lisenssi mennyt umpeen. Maksan vuoden ja saan koodin. Ei toimi.


    Tekninen tuki ei olekkaan F- securen teknisessä tuessa, vaan täällä tsättipalstalla.


    No mitäs nyt tehdään, että saadaan maksettu tuote toimimaan?


  • kiljanderkiljander Posts: 49

    Hello all, hei kaikki,


    Our humble and sincere apologies for the hassle and confusion around your premium subscriptions changing to free. We recently changed our online store shopping cart provider and noticed that some older versions of the KEY program in Windows or Mac will not be compatible with the new shopping cart, when it comes to subscription renewals. We therefore sent out an email to people who had used the old shopping cart system and asked you to update your KEY program to the latest version and to enter a new premium upgrade code. This email is from F-Secure and it is legit.


    Please update the KEY program in your computer and enter the premium upgrade code we've sent to you. If you for some reason still encounter problems please let us now.


    Sorry for the hassle! There's a lesson or two for us in this communication episode.


    Harri, the KEY product manager


  • I have coulple on words in my mind, but I guess there is no good coming from that. So, the short version of my thoughts about this episode: My money is good in finnish, but when I need support I'm guided to register in some DIY forum. I would expect this kind of aftermarketing from some TV shop sellers but not from F-Secure.


    Now, do You need me to translate my previous message, or is this post enought to get working upgrade code?



  • All ok. Thanks.

  • AthAth Posts: 1
    Same happend here. Lost subscription 3 Macbooks, but still ok om IPhone & Ipad.
    However the syncing still works as before. Added a new card on the IPhone, and it showed up on the Macbook. Change it on the -book, and this was reflected on the IPhone.
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